How to find purpose of life

Find Purpose And Meaning Of Life

Sometimes we find ourselves lost, confused about what to do with life, and fall into the cycle of existential crisis. First of all, it is okay to be lost. You are not supposed to know everything. You have to explore to find your own purpose.

How to find purpose in life:

Find your Ikigai: In Japanese, Ikigai means the “reason for living”. To find your ikigai, ask yourself four questions:

  • What you love to do: A task that takes you to the flow zone and you enjoy it so much that you forget everything except the task.
  • What are you good at : Try to figure out your strengths, talent, and interests and sort out the sectors which fit your personality, talent, and strength.
  • What you can be paid for: Your skill in your interested area will attract people to pay you.
  • What does the world need: If you want to experience the true fulfillment of life, try to add value to the world. Have a vivid purpose that aims at serving the greater good.

Select one or several sectors/fields that overlap the four questions.

  • Explore, explore and explore! : Now you have got a list of career choices that encompass the whole 4 questions. Start exploring the career choice in depth. Try to talk to someone in that industry you are interested in, read an article about them, get a short course online or listen to a podcast. Try to gather as much information as you can about the paths you are interested in.
  • Envision what your dream life would be like after 3 years!
Finding purpose and meaning of life
Finding purpose and meaning of life

Why finding purpose in life is important:

In “Man’s search for meaning” book, the plot was about the concentration camp in Germany. The survivors of the concentration camp had a strong sense of purpose. They dreamt about the future outside the camp and they actually did great things for the great good after the world war. The hope of getting out of the men-made hell helps them to survive.

How to find purpose when you are depressed:

Lack of purpose in life often leads to depression.Purpose can be found again, it’s never gone. You just need to take care of yourself to start a new beginning. Build meaningful relationships, practice gratitude.replace your negative thoughts over positive ones and align your mind with spirituality.

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