Psychiatrist near me

Psychiatrist near me

The caregivers of your mental health can be found near you. Mental health services are provided in 536 government hospitals in Bangladesh. Numerous private mental health care clinics are situated in Dhaka and other divisional cities. You can find your nearest psychiatric help center anywhere by just checking them out on google.

When to visit a psychologist?

You should consider yourself visiting a psychologist if you see any hints of the following five signs.

  • Being tearful at a very unexpected moment: You may find yourself crying for any emotional hint of your surroundings. You are so emotionally full that emotions are coming out of your eyes that you didn’t process for a long time. In those circumstances, you should see a psychologist.
  • Thinking negative a lot: If you fall into the loop of negative thoughts about yourself or others and these thoughts are recurring back to you, and you are mentally tired of fighting with them, then you must visit a psychologist. They will suggest some tools and techniques fight your negative thoughts.
  • Slipping back into old unhealthy habits: You may fall into your old unhealthy habits such as eating disorders, negative thoughts cycle, self-injury urges or urges to use drugs.
  • Being controlled by emotions: You may be driven by your anger and project your anger towards others, or become outrageous without any specific reasons. You need someone and should talk about it.
  • Thoughts of dying or self-harm: It’s a major sign that you need to see a therapist urgently. Sometimes talking can give you a teeny glimmer of hope that will keep you going and prevent you from self-injuries.

When not to visit a psychologist?

There is a sheer difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist. For two situations, it is better not to visit a psychologist.

  • If you are interested in psychiatric medication, then a psychiatrist will be suited.
  • If your mental health symptoms are interrupting your physical health and well-being, then you must need a psychiatrist’s aid.

How to find a psychologist around you?

Ask your physician or any medical officer you know from your locality. You can find private mental health clinics just by searching them on google.

How does offline counselling work?

In the case of offline counselling, it is more like a traditional one where you meet your therapist in real life. It includes a physical space where you can share your feelings and emotions with professionals. You have to book a session before attending it. And it may include a sort of preparation to adjust yourself to the environment of the professionals’ space.

How does online counselling work?

On the other hand, online counselling includes a virtual space where you and your therapist can interact with each other. You can seek help from your therapist while travelling or in the comfort of your own home. There is no difference in the service quality between offline and online counselling. It is a cost-effective, time and energy saver. All you need is a stable internet connection.

Benefits of offline counselling:

  • Offline counselling offers you one-to-one interaction with your therapist.
  • You can experience several tasks and assignments in front of the professional.
  • Sometimes, online sessions can not solve serious mental health issues.
  • You can build a trustful and comfortable connection with your therapist. Hence, you may improve your communication skills.

Benefits of online counselling:

  • Online counselling is less time and money-consuming compared to offline ones.
  • It is flexible enough to fit into your busy schedule.
  • You can contact your therapist wherever you are.
  • You can ditch your therapist anytime if he/she is not compatible with your spectrum.
  • A great option for people to start therapy.

Reasons that online counselling is private and secure:

  • Online counselling doesn’t include travelling from home to the professionals’ clinics.
  • It is more likely to get healed sitting on your couch.
  • Going to an offline counselling session may attract unnecessary attention from your society as mental health has always been a social taboo/stigma.

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