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"Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax"

You crave a place to vent out
We all get upset from time to time. Whether we’re sad anything often feels good to let it all out.
Your personal Mood Buddy
Understanding your moods helps you manage them, feel better faster and work towards a better quality of life.
Find your very own Support System
Connect with your community in a more interactive & fun way.
Embrace all shades of emotions
Feel accepted nevertheless what kind of mental state you are in. No hard feelings regardless of however you feel.

Your Personal Mood Buddy

When you have no one to talk to, there’s comfort in sharing your stories with the world. The Relaxy hub is a unique collection of stories, memoirs, expert articles, and other content.

If you have a story to tell, and you’re sitting in an empty corner, waiting to be heard… Our community is available to listen.

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Really good app. The local currency transaction makes it very helpful. If anyone reading this review, if you need help, please don't be shy and ask for help. And asking for help can be scary, but this app should make it easier for you.
Really well made app. Created from the freshness of the heart and a will to help people about their mental health, which is more often than not an overlooked aspect in many households.
Md.Tanvir Sarwar
I like the feed section which is differentiated using hashtags. Overall the vibes are great. Definitely gonna recommend my friends!!!
shafeen ahmed
I love the chatting where you can talk with people with same sense of thoughts and feelings
Mysha Ahmed
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