How to deal with loneliness

Effective ways to handle loneliness

Sometimes you need to be alone. Not to be lonely, but to enjoy your free time being yourself. Still, there are some moments or phases in our lives when we feel like we are the only ones in the whole universe.

Are you suffering from loneliness?

There are 3 signs that you are suffering from loneliness:

  • Attraction to materialistic possessions: If you think you can find happiness in buying more materialistic things, or they will compensate for your human need, chances are high that you are suffering from loneliness.
  • Choosing social media as a coping mechanism: Do you find yourself mindlessly scrolling through your social media feed without feeling better? To avoid the feeling of loneliness, people tend to grab their phones and social media gives them a taste of companionship.
  • Eating/sleeping problem: The signs of depression and loneliness are quite the same. If you find yourself over-eating or suffering from anorexia, consider seeing a psychiatrist.
How to overcome your loneliness
How to overcome your loneliness?

How to overcome your loneliness ?

Now if you are diagnosed by yourself as a sufferer of loneliness, you can consider some tips to overcome it.

  • Invest your energy inside you: Do you feel grounded? Do you notice what’s going on inside you? Ask yourself,” What are you feeling right now”
  • Practice meditation: Focus all your alertness on yourself. You can meditate to convert your loneliness into joy.
  • Read books or watch self-help videos
  • Teach yourself something new
  • Explore new things and find your hobby
  • Have an open mindset to meet new people, have a conversation

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