Last updated: May 10, 2022

For Informational Purposes Only

The information or the discussions between a User and Mental Health Counsellor should not be  considered a substitute for diagnosis or treatment of any kind. Always seek the advice of a qualified  healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding your mental health or any medical  condition. 

No Endorsement Disclaimer

Any views or opinions expressed by Mental Health Counsellors may not necessarily represent the  views or opinions of Relaxy or any other organization they are affiliated with. No endorsement is  intended or implied. 

Confidentiality Disclaimer

The information shared by Users during counselling sessions is confidential and will not be shared  with anyone except as required by law or ethical guidelines. [For more details see our Privacy  Policy]

No Guarantee Disclaimer

Mental Health counsellors cannot guarantee that therapy or counselling will be effective or that  specific results will be achieved. The success of therapy is based on many factors and individual  results may vary. 

Appropriate Attire 

The User agrees to dress and conduct themselves in a manner deemed appropriate during their  Counselling session, when availed.

Appropriate Conduct

Users must not consume drugs, alcohol, or tobacco products during their Counselling session, if  and when availed.

Appropriate Behaviour

Users should never under any circumstances make an inappropriate comment, or innuendo, try to  contact, or ask for personal contact details of the Mental Health Counsellor during their 1-1  sessions. 

Limitation of Liability Disclaimer

Neither Relaxy nor the Mental Health Counsellor is liable for any direct, indirect, incidental,  consequential, special, or exemplary damages resulting from the use of their services, or any  information provided. The responsibility for the use of this information lies solely with the Users.

Emergency Contact Disclaimer

In case of an emergency such as but not limited to suicidal ideation or harassment or fraud or  severe discomfort of any nature whether or not it was generated by other community members  of Relaxy, please contact your local emergency services or go to the nearest Police Station or  nearest Hospital (provide helpline numbers). Mental Health Counsellor is not available for  emergency services. 

Termination of Services Disclaimer

Relaxy and/ or the Mental Health Counsellor reserves the right to terminate services with any User  for any reason, including violations of the above rules but not limited to ethical or legal concerns.