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The Expert Panel

Dr Helal Uddin
Associate Professor, National Institute of Mental Health
Saurav Baidya
Senior MHPSS Save The Children International
Bidhan Sarkar
Assistant Clinical Psychologist Shaheed M. Monsur Ali Medical College Hospital, Sirajganj
Rafiha Islam Rimi
Audiology Bangladesh.

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Thankfully came across Relaxy at the right time. I've made peace with myself and accepted it all.
Anonymous User
User of Relaxy
Loved the session. Arrange another session with the same expert psychologist.
Anonymous User
User of Relaxy
I was feeling so down, for a couple of weeks. This session has healed me a lot. Thank you so much for making these so affordable
Anonymous User
User of Relaxy
This is exactly what I needed at this moment. Just wanna say Thanks a lot!!
Anonymous User
User of Relaxy

Unbottle your emotions

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Unbottle your emotions

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